Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Passenger car flatten by bus in EDSA car incident

11:08 PM

A passenger car which appear to be a Toyota Vios was pinned down by a bus in EDSA.

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A passenger car that most definitely looks like a Toyota Vios was pinned by two buses on EDSA (Muñoz in Quezon City) this morning. Photos of the horrific accident flooded our mailbox, and we're sharing them with you (apologies if you're having lunch at this very moment). Most photos appear to show just one bus (Dela Rosa Transit, TYM-449) ramming and crushing the car beneath it, but at least one photo shows that the car was actually sandwiched by the Dela Rosa bus behind it and another bus in front of it.
The photo senders said the driver was still inside the car when they took the pictures. Indeed, rescuers can be seen trying to extricate the driver from the wreck. We have no knowledge of whether the Vios driver had passengers with him/her. One photo shows the Vios as having a conduction number of YL-1942, with a medical doctor's badge attached to the license plate holder.

  Photo by Mabelle Lim, Joy Cortez, Gerard Yuchioco, Dyey-see Santiago Brusas, Persan Contreras, Ian Formanes, Michael Trijo and Den Abendan

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