Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Insensitivity Of The People Of Luzon

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The social media still bring us many opinionated sides as the issue in Mindanao particularly in Mamasapano, Maguindanao continues to reach our newsfeed.

Below is an article of Dr. Zhaf Alonto posted on their page Noldy Alonto that we like to share with you.

As I write this article, I might be declared PERSONA NON GRATA in the National Capital Region and Luzon. But what I am going to state here are the TRUTH--and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH! As a genuine PEACE ADVOCATE and law abiding citizen, I have no heart, desire or inkling to promote animosity between the Mindanawans and the people of Luzon. After all I was born in San Juan (then Rizal province) which is now one of the cities of Metro-Manila. I reiterate, I just want to spill out the TRUTH as a serious student of politics and history!
Try to consider the following:
1. Every time there is an incident in Mindanao, the blame and favorite suspect(s) always fall on our fellow Muslim Mindanawan(s). Take note: the bias phrase-- "A GOOD MORO IS A DEAD MORO"--was first coined in Luzon, perhaps in Manila!
2. When the settlers from Luzon and the Visayas came to Mindanao for one reason or another, the migrants were WARMLY WELCOMED by the local natives--including the Muslim Mindanawans! Yet, when the Muslim Mindanawans took refuge in the Big Metro and in other parts of Luzon to avoid the conflict in our beloved Mindanao, they were CONFINED in the CLOGGED MAKESHIFT COMMUNITIES!
3. Whenever a Muslim or Mindanawans will try to look for a job in Metro-Manila, the would-be employer would REJECT him or her because the job-seeker HAILS FROM MINDANAO!
4. Whenever a Mindanawan Muslim attempts to take a taxi in Metro-Manila and will tell the driver to bring him to a Muslim community, the driver will always have an alibi not to take him or her! It is no different from the apartheid in South Africa and the racial discrimination in USA!
5. And finally, there is this TRUTH that, whenever a HIGHLY QUALIFIED, HONEST and SINCERE Muslim Mindanawan seek for an elected national post, the people of Luzon REJECTS him OUTRIGHT because of his creed--and would rather choose or elect a stuntman or people from the entertainment sector!
Furthermore, there is even this 'overview' that the 'people of Mindanao' ONLY DESERVE to be a 'Vice-President' and NOT as president of the Philippines-- for, as according to many people from the North-- 'the highest position is RESERVED ONLY TO THE PEOPLE OF LUZON AND THE VISAYAS!
People of Luzon, if you DON'T WANT US-- MINDANAWANS--to have equal privilege as what you're enjoying now...
If you DON'T LIKE to live side-by-side with the Mindanawan Muslims because you feel we are not appealing or deserving in your sight...
If you believe NO MINDANAWAN is qualified to be a President of this country...
And if you think that a GOOD MORO IS A DEAD MORO...
Then LEAVE US ALONE for we, the Mindanawans, would prefer to form a FEDERAL SYSTEM in the archipelago where Muslims, Lumads and the Christian settlers can live side-by-side in PEACE and move towards a PROGRESSIVE archipelago.
We tried to live under the principle of: 'UNITY IN DIVERSITY' but you don't want to give us justice or treat our people with equal footing--so, perhaps, it's now high time for you to LEAVE US--ALONE!

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